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Most rabbits and guinea pigs do prefer to socialise with others of the same species.  It can improve their health and wellbeing if they have a friend to care for.  Established pets are not especially easy to pair with others, but with a little patience and knowledge, it should be possible. 
Bonding rabbits and guinea pigs together
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 You should never think that just by putting your animals together that they will get along.  It can take several weeks to successfully bond them together.  One thing for certain though, is that you will need separate hutches for them in the initial stages.
For bonding to be successful, it is better to have the animal neutered before starting the process (it will take another 6 weeks or so for the hormones to settle after neutering).  Although our furry friends may look cute and be well handled by humans, they are territorial and will defend their territory, which could result in some rather nasty injuries inflicted on each other if the process is not carefully managed.
Make sure the animals can see each other all the time so that they get used to how they smell etc.  During the day, put them out in runs which are next to each other, but not touching.  Also, make sure there are hideaways in the runs so they can get out of sight if they feel threatened.  This way they can get close to each other and examine each others behaviour. 

After several days, move the runs closer together so that they can begin to touch each other through the bars without danger.  Watch how they react to each other....a good sign is when they seem to be ignoring each other or grooming themselves.  After a further few days, if this seems to be going well, try to allow them to get into each others runs.  Be prepared though to separate them immediately if the situation becomes inflamed.  If this does happen, try them next to each other for several more days before repeating the process. 

Once you're happy that they are comfortable for long periods in each others company, you can then move them into the same hutch on a permanent basis.

GOOD LUCK......it really is worth the effort when you see them bonded successfully.

Thumper and Jessica are now inseperable.